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With over 90 hours of instructional insights and guidance from professor and author Cheryl Carter, you will finish the course with a first draft you can be proud of!

Unlike most online writing courses on the market, Write a Quality Book in Just 90 Days!  has more than 90 hours of practical information, inspiration, and concrete steps that will guide your vision from start to finish. 

In addition to an action plan, worksheets, and bonus content, you may join the discussion area for daily access to writing coach and serial author Cheryl Carter, who has been both traditionally and self-published.

What People are Saying

about Write a Quality Book in Just 90 Days!

Engineer to Entrepreneur

Pam Andrews, Author of Scholarship Shark & Scholarship Search Secrets

I am an engineer by trade, so I didn’t think I could write a book but using Cheryl’s program I wrote two books. This course is so inspiring and made the whole process easy. I recommend this course to all my entrepreneur friends, especially the ones who are stuck and just don’t know what to write. If I can write two books almost anybody can.

A Practical Course That Works

Nicole Green, Author of Homeschooling 101

I finally finished my homeschool book after working with Cheryl! The course is very practical. You won't regret your purchase.

Rich with Content

Mason Dahl, Author of African American Speeches You Should Know

Not only did I learn how to write a book, but I also learned about marketing and reaching new markets. Ultimately, this course showed me how to make my ideas both strong and marketable. You get both information and inspiration at the same time. Cheryl showed me how to make my ideas marketable. Such rich content!

Opening Doors

Meghan O’ Sullivan, Author of Working Women’s Journal

My ministry had me doing a lot of speaking but I needed something else to open more doors for me. After taking the 90 Day Author class I wrote a devotional and even learned how to finally finish my novel. Now when I speak I have more to share with my audience to keep them engaged with me and my work!

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The "Write a Quality Book in Just 90 Days!" Syllabus

Know what your getting before you buy.

  • 1

    Tele-conference for Publish Your Book in 90 Days

  • 2

    Week Two

    • Introduction to Week Two, then Audio and other extra materials

    • Week Two: writing an Outline that writes your Book- Audio

    • Three Ways to Outline your Novel or Nonfiction Book

    • Proposed Book Outline

    • Week Two Notes to view while listening to the audio lesson

    • Outlining Your Novel

    • Nonfiction Outline

    • Writing the Nonfiction Outline Review

    • Story Outline

    • Character Sketch

    • Nonfiction Book Reminders

  • 3

    Week Three: Your Writing Schedule

    • Welcome to Week Three

    • What you must overcome to write regularly

    • Time Management and Habits for the Writer

    • Your Writing schedule

    • Your Writing Schedule Simplified

    • Apps and Tools for Writers

  • 4

    Week Four

    • Introduction Week Four

    • Fiction Writing Review & Tips

    • Writing Tips to Make Your Story Stronger

    • Make your Writing Interesting & Engaging

    • Attributes of a Bestselling Book

    • Nonfiction Book Writing Tips

    • How to make your writing interesting

    • Just for the Nonfiction Writer

    • Just for the Fiction Writer

  • 5

    Week Five

    • Welcome to Week Five

    • Author To-Do- including website

    • Book Launch to-do's

    • Tips for planning book launch party

    • Book Marketing

  • 6

    Week Six

    • Week 6 being creative

    • Self Discipline

    • Creativity

    • Ways to stimulate creativity

    • Creativity Thoughts

    • Ideas on improving your focus when writing

  • 7

    Week Seven

    • Week 7 Welcome

    • Publishing Options

    • Book Titles

    • Book Titles--Just a bit more

    • Book Title Reminders

    • Pros and Cons of self-publishing and traditional

    • How to Choose a fiction book title

  • 8

    Week 8

    • Writing and Revision

    • Question and Answer

    • Writing Revision

    • Revising Your Manuscript

    • Editing Your Fiction Manuscript

  • 9

    Week 9

    • Week 9

    • Organize Yourself for Continued Success

    • Organize Your Writing

    • Cleaning your desk

  • 10

    Week 10

    • Week 10

    • Long Term Publishing Success

    • Marketing and other important info

    • Long Term Marketing

    • Online Book Marketing

    • Marketing Tips

    • Getting your book into libraries

  • 11

    Week 11

    • Week 11

    • Crossing the Finishline

    • Design your book for reading

  • 12

    Weeek 12

    • Can you replicate this process?

    • You made it!

    • Commit to Improving Your Writing

  • 13

    Bonus Content

    • Book Templates in Word Document format

    • Book Marketing Idea: Create credibility through a Wikipedia Page

    • Translate Your Books

    • Marketing Your Book

    • Low Cost Ways to do your Book Covers

    • Marketing Online

    • Writing a Book Press Releases

    • Organize Your Home Office ebook

    • Christian Publishers

    • Low Cost or Free Book Marketing Resources

    • Common Mistakes Writers Make

    • Selling to Libraries

    • Understanding Copyright

    • Fighting Writer's Block

    • Book Covers Resources

    • Grammar Help Resources

  • 14

    Bonus Week The Power of a 90 Day Goal

    • The Power of a 90 Day Goal

    • SMART Goals

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Meet Cheryl Carter

The Professor, Serial-Author, and Writing Coach

Writing Coach/ Instructor

Cheryl Carter

Cheryl Carter is the author of thirty-seven (37) books. She has been published by large traditional publishers and has also self-published some of her books. Her books have been translated in Hebrew, Czech, German, Japanese and Polish and are currently selling internationally. She is the acquisition editor of her own educational publishing company, Collegiate Learning. Carter is also a college professor who has taught creative writing and English classes to enthusiastic students. Over the years, she has coached many first-time authors in the book writing process. She knows how to prod her clients on to excellence and is sensitive to the needs of full-time working adults. A busy professional and parent herself, she knows how to help others achieve their dreams, even though they may be time-starved. Her sessions are strongly practical and highly inspirational. She is a master teacher who communicates with clarity.