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  • 2

    Session 2: What is the PUSH system?

    • An Overview of the PUSH Method

    • Understanding the PUSH System

    • Welcome: Watch this first

    • Action Steps

  • 3

    Session 3: The First PUSH Step

    • Action Steps

    • "P" is for Purpose and U is for Unique Focus

    • The "P" and "U" of the System : Notes

  • 4

    Session 4: Shape Your Book

    • Book Sample: The A+ Paper Notes: The Example of Brainstorming

    • Sample Outline Using Questions

    • Shape and Your Books and Show Your Reader the Way

    • H.S. Book Example- See Chapter Twp

    • PUSH Power Outline

    • How to Shape your Ebook- Part I

    • How to Shape your Book- The Writing Process- Part II

    • Writing Your PUSH power Outline

    • Action Steps

  • 5

    Session 5: Keep your Readers Hooked & Help Them Take Action

    • Key Words

    • Book Cover and Format Resources

    • Keeping Your Reader Hooked

    • Action Steps

    • Sample Copyright and Disclaimer Pages

  • 6

    Session 6: Bonus Session: Easy Ebooks to Write in One Weekend Guaranteed

    • Sample types of books

    • Guarantteed ways to write a book quickly

  • 7

    Session 7 : Resources and Information for your Ebook Publishing Journey

    • Understanding Copyright

    • Tax Tips for Writers

    • How to Market a Kindle Book

    • Dealing With Writer's Block

    • Grammar Review

    • How to Write User-Friendly Content

    • How to Improve Your Writing

    • Persuasion Techniques

    • Writing for the Web; Advice on writing business blogs

    • Web Writing Tips

About the Instructor

Proven expertise that empowers.

Writing Coach/ Instructor

Cheryl Carter

Cheryl Carter is the author of thirty-seven (37) books. She has been published by large traditional publishers and has also self-published some of her books. Her books have been translated in Hebrew, Czech, German, Japanese and Polish and are currently selling internationally. She is the acquisition editor of her own educational publishing company, Collegiate Learning. Carter is also a college professor who has taught creative writing and English classes to enthusiastic students. Over the years, she has coached many first-time authors in the book writing process. She knows how to prod her clients on to excellence and is sensitive to the needs of full-time working adults. A busy professional and parent herself, she knows how to help others achieve their dreams, even though they may be time-starved. Her sessions are strongly practical and highly inspirational. She is a master teacher who communicates with clarity.

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